The HT Fitness Story


HT Fitness started back in 2008 when Jason and Amanda had a dream of creating a fitness center that was more than just a "gym". 


Having been gym members to half a dozen of other clubs over the past 15 years they never felt like they "belonged" anywhere.  It was always just a place to workout and that was it.

But they thought it should be so much more...


A Gym should be a place where you can go & feel like home, not be intimidated to ask questions, and have access to everything you need to create a healthy lifestyle and live a life full of energy and passion.

Not only that, but it should be a place that can deliver the facts.  That can cut through all the clutter and confusion and tell you the truth on what is really means to eat healthy, and not just some fad diet or workout plan. 

It is a place that offers state of the art fitness equipment that is easy and fun to use.

It is a place to get motivated.  Get inspired by other people that have went from sickness and disease to health and vitality.

And then Home Town Fitness was born.

Shortly after opening the first location in Manor, TX, they saw a need for a second location in Taylor, TX.

Lisa and Tanner were one of HT Fitness's first members.  At the time, Lisa was 70 lbs over weight.  She just had her first baby, Hailey, and was determined to lose the extra weight and start living a healthier lifestyle.

Lisa joined Amanda's Fit Camp that she was teaching at the time and started to see results right away.

Not only did Lisa lose the extra 70 lbs but learned the principles of eating healthy and has kept the weight off since.

The two couples became great friends over the years and in 2014 became business partners. Lisa had prior experience managing 19 tanning salons and was currently working as a police officer when she became owner in HT Fitness. 

In 2015, they opened up a new location in Bastrop, TX and soon there after locations in Cameron, La Grange, and Elgin, TX.

They are Committed to Giving You the Greatest Experience Possible and offering Simple, Complete, and Fun Solutions to Losing Weight and Living a Life Full of Health, Energy and Passion.

We look forward to serving you and are excited to help you reach your Health and Fitness Goals.

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