Official Rules and Regulations


•  Each Contestant must weigh in between Jan 16th - Jan 19th during staffed hours at HT Fitness.

•  The Contest ends Saturday Feb 25th & Contestants can do their final weigh in between Feb 22nd – 25th 2017.

•  There are 2 Categories.  Male and Female.  The Grand Prize, Runner Up and Third Place Prize will be Awarded to Each Male and Female Winners.

•  The winner is determined by the person who lost the greatest percentage of weight.  Example Contestant X's initial weight is 150lbs. The Final weight is 140lbs. That person lost 10lbs. 10lbs divided by the initial weight of 150lbs is 6.6% weight loss. The person with the greatest percentage wins.

•  No refunds will be issued after the registration fee is paid.

•  Winners will be announced and awarded prizes the week of Feb 27th. 1st place is $1,000 Cash.  2nd place is $250 Cash.  3rd place is a $50 gift card to Amazon.

•  Contestants must weigh in without shoes on and no excess clothing.

•  Contestants are recommended to complete a minimum of 4 workouts weekly (24 total) during the contest. A combination of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, group fitness classes, and sound dietary changes are recommended to achieve maximum results.

•  HT Fitness does NOT endorse or encourage any fasts, liquid diets, or starvation diets for weight-loss reasons. Contestants are encouraged to change bad nutritional habits, but not to attempt any extreme measures that can ultimately harm the body.

•  Must be a member of HT Fitness and at least 18 years of age to participate in this contest.

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