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Membership Plans


Individual: $31.95 /month

Couple: $46.95 per month*

Family Membership: $61.95 per month*

1 time Enrollment which includes 24 Hour Key Fob: $50

Monthly Prices are paid with Electronic Check.  A $5 Processing Fee will be added to Membership Plans paid with Credit/Check Cards.

*Qualifying Couple Membership is Spouses or 1 Parent and 1 Child between ages of 13-21 living in the same household. 


*Family Membership is Spouses Plus up to 3 Children between ages of 13-21 living in the same household.


All prices subject to sales tax.

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September 2019

Contact Info


1600 W 4th St, Cameron, TX 76520

Phone: (254) 605-6429
Email: Cameron@HTfit.com


Staffed Business Hours

Monday - Thurs       11am to 6pm

Friday                      11am to 5pm

Saturday                   9am to 1pm

OPEN 24 Hours for Members

Why We Love HT...


  • 24 Hour Access - workout around your schedule & never worry about the gym being closed.


  • No Contracts - gives you flexibility

  • Multi-Location Access - you can use any of our 5 locations including group classes and child care


  • FREE Group Classes - Cardio room where we hold Body Tone, Booty Bands and many more classes


  • FREE Child Care - drop the kids off and get your workout in


  • Affordable Membership - individual, couple & family membership plans


  • Complimentary Equipment Orientation - make sure you are using the equipment right and maximizing your workouts


  • FREE Weekly Fitness Challenge - new fun weight-loss & toning workouts for you every week created by a certified personal trainer


  • Fit Camps - the ultimate fat burning program


  • FREE WiFi - watch TV or listen to music on your phone


  • Learn to eat Right - eating right is so important and we make it easy with our nutrition tips and guidance


  • Personal Training - get proven results with the best personal trainers in the city

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