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savings up to 75% on 


ht fitness

has everything you need to achieve your goals


open 24/7

Workout around your schedule and never worry about the gym being closed


weekly fitness challenge

Check out the Weekly Challenge for fun weight-loss and toning workouts created for you each week by our Certified Personal Trainers.


no contracts

This gives you flexibility and control over your membership

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free child care

Drop off the kiddos in a clean, safe environment while you get your workout in. Check the schedule for the HT Kids Club hours.


access to 7 locations

You can use any of our 7 locations including group classes and child care


free group classes

Join a popular group classes like Zumba, Cycling, Turbo Kick, Yoga and many more. Check the schedule at your location for days and times.

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free equipment orientation

Not sure how to use the machines? This program makes sure you are using the equipment correctly to maximize your workouts


nutrition tips & guidance

No fad or crazy diets here! Cut through all the confusion and get only the facts on eating healthy.

noe & giselle

We decided to join the gym to feel better and have a better physique. We believe working out is important for us to have a healthy  lifestyle.  It has helped us feel confident, our energy has boosted and it has helped us sleep better.

Noe: I started working out weighing 128lbs, now  I’m at 155lbs with 7%  fat and I have been getting stronger and my workouts have been feeling better.


Giselle :I have managed to see I was loosing body fat percentage and turning it to muscle . I have defiantly been getting stronger too.


This is like joining a family, everyone is trying to help you become better and no one is judging. They have all the equipment you need to have  a great workout..

Alexis & cody

Alexis:  I joined HT Fitness because I got tired of my clothes being too tight.

Cody:  I wanted to increase my strength and muscle mass to prevent future injuries to my back.

Alexis:  I’ve lost 13 lbs. in my first couple of weeks at HT Fitness.

Cody:  I’ve gone down two pant sizes in less than a month.

We would tell anyone to Join HT Fitness! Once you start you will just keep going. You got this!!

Michelle & darrell

We noticed our clothes were fitting tighter and getting more expensive. Not to mention, we have two very active boys, ages 7 and 10, that need us.

Michelle:  I started this journey a year ago with consistent training, eating right and not making any excuses which led me to a total loss of 125 lbs. I love seeing myself in the mirror and how my body is changing in front of my own eyes.


Darrell:  I started this journey five months ago. As of now, I am down a total of 75 lbs.


HT Fitness has a great staff, a good, positive environment, outstanding gym members with a small town feel and affordable prices. HT has all we need in a gym.

ht kidS club hours

Monday - Thursday 5pm - 6pm


group classes



Tel. 254-605-6429

Email Cameron@HTfit.com

1600 W 4th St, Cameron, TX 76520

staffed business hours


Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm





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