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I want to Thank You for your interest in Personal Training and say Congratulations for taking the first step to becoming Fit and Healthy.


Many people don’t even get this far because they become complacent or think that this is just the way they are. I am not sure if you are looking to lose weight, increase energy, become healthier or all of the above, but one thing I can promise you is we can help and show you exactly how to do it.


With numbers like 69.2% of Americans are overweight or obese (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website) it is not hard to see that we have a tremendous problem on our hands. With all the misinformation and conflicting information out there, like low carb, low fat, no fat diets, it is hard to tell what really works and what doesn’t.


Our Unique and Systematized Personal Training program covers all 3 areas you need for Success: Nutrition, Training, and Motivation.  We have several different training programs including Private 1-on-1 Personal Training, Semi-Private Personal Training, and Small Group Personal Training. 


We currently help a variety of different clients ranging from athletes competing in body building or figure competitions to people who just need to be held accountable so they will show up to the gym. 


Our expertise is helping people who feel like they have tried everything to lose weight and need to lose between 20-70 lbs.  We really go in depth and show you how to eat right, maximize your workouts to burn the most number of calories in the gym, and teach you how to stay motivated.


I encourage you to either request a Free Personal Training Packet, which we will mail out to you right away, or schedule a Free No Obligation Personal Training Consultation.


We look forward to helping you reach your Fitness Goals!


Jason Straseske
Owner – HT Fitness



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