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Top Rookie Mistakes - Make sure your not doing them!

We have all been guilty of these before. But now that we are going to uncover them, make sure you are not doing these top Rookie Mistakes we see people do when they join the gym.

Rookie Mistake - Only doing Cardio.

Cardio is great but only doing cardio when going to the gym is going to Severely Limit You on

how fast you will make progress. A simple way to explain it is when you do cardio, after you finish, you stop burning calories.

When you do strength training, you build muscles, which increases your resting metabolism and allows you to burn more calories outside the gym even when your not working out. Plus, there are about a hundred different reasons you want to be lifting weights, from preventing osteoporosis, to sleeping better.

Rookie Mistake - Taking advice from the wrong people.

I believe most people have good intentions and are trying to help you out, but would you take advice on how to invest your money from someone who is broke?

Why take advice about losing weight or getting in shape from someone who isn't? Be sensitive who are you taking advice from and only do what makes most sense to you.

Rookie Mistake - Focusing on the small things that make a little difference.

There is a principle called the "80/20 Rule" or Pareto's Principle. It basically says there are a Few Things that make a Big Difference and A Lot of things that make a little difference.

Eating a ton of Acai Berries because you read an article on how it can aid weight-loss is a little thing. Taking a diet pill is a little thing. What are the few things that make a big difference?

Eating Clean and making it a lifestyle. Working out on a Regular Basis is a big thing. It doesn't matter how many fat burners you take if you never workout and eat fast food everyday you are going to struggle to become healthy.

Rookie Mistake - Over Training in the Beginning and Under Training after working out for a couple months.

Ever started a workout program and went all out the first week and couldn't even lift your arms to shampoo your hair after the first few days? How discouraging was that? Most people quit after that saying that they can't be sore all the time.

In the beginning you should take it easy and focus on proper form, becoming acquainted with the equipment, and focusing on creating a habit of working out. Now once you get in the rhythm and your body gets used to working out, you need to step it up. You need to push yourself to get the results that you desire.

This is where a Personal Training can become very handy. There job is to ease you into it so you don't over train and then push you when the time is right.

Now that we have discussed the top rookie mistakes, make sure you are NOT doing them! Have a fantastic week and please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way!

Jason Straseske

HT Fitness


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