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Alfred and Roberta Caldwell

Members at HT Fitness Taylor

HT: What made you decide to get into fitness and change your life?

Alfred: It was seeing my wife, how she changed her life / lifestyle with fitness.

Roberta: It was a matter of life and death. I had high blood pressure issues as well as other health problems. And by getting fit these issues could be solved.

HT: Why do you think working out is important?

Alfred: Working out is one of the first steps to good health.

Roberta: It is the back bone to good health along with heating healthy.

HT: Please tell us about some of the results you’ve had.

Alfred: I have lost around 15lbs. My knees, joints, and back are not as stiff.

Roberta: I have lost 100+lbs and my blood pressure is now normal without medication.

HT: What are some challenges and obstacles you have had, and how have you overcome them?

Alfred: The biggest two things for me was making the gym a daily habit and changing my mindset about working out.

Roberta: Staying focused on changing my lifestyle and bad habits. I have to make it a daily part of my life by changing the way I was thinking.

HT: What advice would you give people to get in and stay in the gym?

Alfred: You don’t have to be fit to start, but you do have to start to get fit.

Roberta: It’s a friendly environment.

HT: What do you like best about HT Fitness?

Alfred: I like the small town feel and the friendly faces.

Roberta: It’s small and the equipment is always available.

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