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Member of the Month - Laura Torres

We are really proud of Laura. April chose Laura for member of the month because Laura gives it her all in the gym and in the group classes. Every week we can tell those inches are fading away. Laura keeps a positive and cheerful attitude and it's a wonderful pleasure having her in the classes. Keep it up Laura!

HT: What made you decide to get into fitness and change your life?

Laura: I had just given birth to my youngest daughter and decided it was time to get back into shape.

HT: Why do you think working out is important?

Laura: To live a healthy lifestyle and lead by example for my children.

HT: Please tell us about some of the results you’ve had.

Laura: I started HT in January 2015 and by July 2, 3015 I have lost a total of 30lbs.

HT: What are some challenges and obstacles you have had, and how have you overcome them?

Laura: Trying to stay motivated and staying focused and keeping in mind that it is a lifestyle change and its not going to happen overnight.

HT: What advice would you give people to get in and stay in the gym?

Laura: It’s a 24 facility and they offer many different classes and a trainer is available if you have any problems working the equipment.

HT: What do you like about HT Fitness?

Laura: The trainers, the classes (especially turbokick) and that HT is 24 Hours.

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