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It's all in your head

We talk a lot about the principles and rules to eating healthy, working out, and getting in shape, but if I was forced to pin point just one thing that determined somebodies success or not in losing weight and getting in shape, it is your mindset and emotions.

We need to learn to get control over our emotions and our mind. I love when Jim Rohn says it is ok to throw a fit and tamper tantrum when you are 3, but not when you are 33. By 33 we expect you to have control over your emotions.

Unfortunately, many of us have yet to master it. So what are your emotional triggers? When something doesn't go your way do you reach for some candy? When you get stressed do you drink alcohol? When you are bored do you snack?

All of these are not very constructive behaviors and can have an adverse effect on your health.

Tony Robbin's teaches that you need to think of your emotions as action signals. So we think of this big word stress. But what is the stress (the emotion) really saying to you? Stress can mean a lot of things. You can have stress because you feel unprepared for something coming up. You can have stress because of demands at work. You can have stress because of what somebody did or said to you. All those things can cause stress but are different action signals for you to do something.

Next time you have a negative emotion, instead of reaching for the candy, ask yourself, WHAT ELSE CAN THIS MEAN? Well, I am not really hungry, I am just bored. Well ask yourself what can you do to go have some fun?

Next time your upset, What Else Can This Mean? Well maybe this person really didn't try to hurt my feelings but they were just having a bad day.

Next time you are stressed, What Else Can This Mean? Well it means I need to finish this assignment before the deadline or my boss is going to yell at me. Or maybe I need to delegate some of the work so I can get it finished in time.

Do you see how this works? This takes time and practice. Write the question down and keep it with you or put it some where you see it constantly. What Else Can This Mean?

This question is the first step to getting control over your emotions and your mindset.

Have an Awesome Week and Remember to ask Yourself the Question!

Jason Straseske

HT Fitness


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