• Jason Straseske

I can't believe I saw him do that.

My son Zach has a really bad habit of putting things in his mouth that he shouldn't. Gum on the street, dirt, things he finds on the ground, but I think the grossest thing was when I saw him lick a door knob... really Zach? Come on. I guess that is just being a boy although I never remember doing that.

As gross as that is, a lot of us do the same thing everyday. (well maybe not lick a door knob, at least hope not). But we eat things that we don't know what it is.

What is really in that mcdonald's hamburger?

What is really in that soda?

What is really in that hot dog?

Look at that ingredient list. What are those ingredients?

I would dare to say there are things a lot grosser then licking the door knob.

A good rule of thumb for eating healthy is If You Don't Know What It Is... Don't Eat It.

And remember the only way to know what it is, is to look at the ingredient list. Who cares if it only has 150 calories if it is made up of the entrails of some pig.

So stop putting whatever looks good in your mouth and start paying attention! Read that Ingredient List!

Until next week,

Jason Straseske

HT Fitness


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