• Jason Straseske

please don't get mad at me for saying this...

It is time for some tough love here. I see a lot of people that deep down want to make changes in their life, like lose weight, eat healthy, and have more energy, but they don't ever do anything about it.

The reason they never make changes is because they are comfortable with where they are at and they tell themselves lies saying "it is not that bad."

If you ever want to make a change and get results YOU MUST FIRST TELL YOURSELF THE TRUTH.

What I mean by that is all too often we come up with excuses and rationalize why we are ok with where we are at. We tell ourselves things like...

I am not that over weight.

It is not that bad yet.

I am doing better then I used to do.

I can lose the weight later.

I don't have time or I am too busy.

I will start next week, month, year.

You Need to tell yourself the Truth. Don't say I am slightly overweight, instead My butt is Bigger then Chicago!

Get real with yourself. Stop using softeners to not make it sound that bad.

If you need help, take off all your clothes and stand in front of the mirror and look at the parts you need work on. (You know... the parts that are scaring the family)

The only way you are going to make a change is to get disturbed enough to do something about it.

I really hope this makes sense because until we get disturbed and say enough is enough we are not going to make the changes in our life that deep down we want.

You DESERVE to live a life full of health, energy, and passion and should not settle for anything less.

You CAN make the changes and completely turn your health and life around.

There is nothing that FEELS BETTER then being fit and vibrant. Everything is better when you are feeling good and healthy. Problems don't effect you as much, you have less stress, and you have the energy to conquer anything that comes your way.

All the tools are right there in front of you, you just need to DECIDE.

Until next week,

Jason Straseske

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