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Congratulations Willie Calvin Member of the Month!

Willie Calvin

Age: 61

Occupation: Retired Electrician

HT: What made you decide to get into fitness and change your life?

Willie: The simple fact that I need to be fit. I was getting older and needed to adopt a healthier life style. My cholesterol was high and I wanted to avoid medication. Also, I was slightly overweight and needed to drop some pounds.

HT: Why do you think working out is important?

Willie: Partly to be health but more so to maintain my independence as I get older.

HT: What are some challenges and obstacles you have had to overcome and how do you continue to do so?

Willie: Initially a big challenge was focusing enough to consistently come to the gym. Now I am there almost every morning and occasionally return a second time. It was also tough to give up fatty foods I enjoyed such as burgers.

HT: What is the greatest benefit you have had from working out?

Willie: I have definitely become stronger, increased my endurance, and gained more confidence regarding the long term maintenance of my physical well being. Furthermore, my cholesterol levels have dropped and my weight is in check.

HT: Any advice you would give people to get in and stay in the gym?

Willie: Go for it! The 24hr access is a big plus! The gym I belonged to previously did not offer that. I like to workout early in the morning and would often be waiting in the parking lot for them to open. This is not a problem at HT.

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