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Congratulations Linda and Ernest Miller - Member of the Month in Manor

HT: What made you decide to get into fitness and change your life?

Ernest: I was a jogger and high school soccer referee in my younger years and continued with a home stationary bike and treadmill, but as I got older the pounds started piling on. I started going to the gym for strength training to go with the cardio and started eating more sensibly to control weight.

Linda: For many years my activity was limited by knee problems. Once I had both knees replaced I was finally able to be more active and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to do more. Walking on a treadmill was the first step but I needed more variety and was encouraged to go to the gym.

HT: Why do you think working out is important?

Working out increases lean tissue and helps burn fat by increasing metabolism. It improves circulation and overall well-being.

HT: Please tell us about some of the results you’ve had.

We have both dropped a number of pounds, increased strength tremendously, decreased body fat percentage, and most of all we just feel better.

HT: What are some challenges and obstacles you have had, and how have you overcome them?

Ernest: I had a period where medical issues affected my strength and stamina so it was hard to workout but I continued for shorter durations and lower weights until I began to improve.

HT: What advice would you give people to get in and stay in the gym?

Ernest: Going to the gym has to become a part of your lifestyle and routine. Having a spouse or workout partner along gives each other a boost and incentive to stick with it and we have for almost 5 years.

Linda: While it is sometimes difficult to make myself get up and go to the gym, I’ve realized that I feel better and have more energy later in the day as a result. It’s always easier to do something if you have the support and encouragement of a spouse.

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