• Jason Straseske

Oooo... Cheese Me!

I remember when I was a kid my mom would make green beans and cover them with velveeta cheese. It was actually one of my favorite dishes and I am sure that was the only way we would eat our vegetables at the time.

But as I got older and started paying more attention to what I was eating I didn't have to cover my vegetables in cheese to eat them.

The reason I was able to do that is I started to change the way I looked at food. I started to see food as fuel for my body and not something that I only ate for instant pleasure.

The pleasure came in How I Felt and Looked and not the instant pleasure of eating something sweet.

Now this doesn't mean I don't like the taste of food and only eat stuff bland but it does mean that Everything I eat does not have to be covered in cheese, chocolate, or sugar.

There are tons of different ways to make every dish you currently eat and give it flavor and taste and still be healthy.

So if your one of those people that says, it has to taste good for me to eat it, I challenge you to change the way you look at food.

Stop looking at food as instant gratification and instead as an investment in your body, health, energy, and well being.

Because when you are Feeling Fit and Vibrant with tons of Energy, EVERYTHING in life is better.

Go make it a Great Week!

Jason Straseske

HT Fitness

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