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Oldie but Goodie - Healthy Parfait Snack

I just wanted to share a quick recipe of a Yogurt Parfait that we use in our house on a consistent basis. It is healthy, fast, and there are endless combinations.

- Plain Greek Yogurt. Don't get the flavored kind that has added sugar. We are going to add your own flavor and sweetness to it so you know exactly what is in it. We typically buy the Fage or Chobani brand.

- Fruit. I usually use an organic frozen berry mix.

- Oatmeal. Get the 1 minute quick cook quaker oatmeal in the big tub. Don't put in flavored oatmeal. There should be 1 ingredient in your oatmeal... Rolled Oats.

If I am taking it as a snack to eat later, what I do is get some tupperware, put the frozen fruit on the bottom, put the yogurt over it, and then top it with oatmeal. That way when I am ready to eat it in a few hours the frozen berries are thawed but it kept everything cool and fresh.

When you are ready to eat it, mix it all up and enjoy. Don't forget to pack a spoon!

If you need to sweeten it up a little bit you can mix in Stevia. Don't go adding a lot of sugar or mix in things that turn it from a healthy snack into one you should not be eating.

Of course mine never looks this good. I just scoop everything in and mix it all together.

Remember the key to making this healthy is simple ingredients, plain greek yogurt, and plain oatmeal. The fewer the ingredients the better!

Let me know how you like your yogurt parfaits or if you have a great recipe you would like to share.

Have a great week!

Jason Straseske

HT Fitness

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