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Is Organic Worth it?

We have seen an EXPLOSION of Organic products in the grocery store and usually they come with an additional cost. Is it worth the extra costs to buy it?

Before I answer that question, the first question we need to ask ourselves and answer is what are we buying? Let me explain.

What I do not want to see is a reason for somebody not buying and eating fruits and vegetables because they are not Organic.

I would rather you eat conventional fruits and vegetables then No fruits and vegetables.

Another reason we need to ask what are we buying is because we tend to associate Organic with Healthy which is NOT always the case.

Organic cookies are still cookies. Organic Cheetos are still Cheetos. Organic French Fries are still French Fries.

Should cookies, cheetos, and French fries healthy be part of your daily diet? I do not think so.

So once we are buying the right foods then we can determine if it worth buying organic.

There is a lot of research showing that Organic foods have more nutritional value then conventionally grown and are healthier just for the fact that they are not sprayed with pesticides or genetically modified. I think it is hard to argue against that.

Amanda and I try to buy Organic when...

- It is something we eat on a regular basis. Will it make a difference if you eat something non organic once a year? Probably not.

- It is something listed in the top 12 contaminated fruits and

vegetables.s (Check out Dirty Dozen List Below)

- It is the same price as conventional. Sometimes organic is the

same price as conventionally grown.

But budget and selection at the grocery store do not always allow

everything to be bought Organic.

Here are some additional tips.

Buy Local. I know there are Farmers Markets all around now that you can purchase fruits, vegetables, meats, and eggs.

I would prefer to buy local fruits and vegetables that were picked that day over organic at the grocery store that was flown 3000 miles. Most local is without pesticides but may not have the organic seal.

I will end with this. Do the best you can. Everyone has different budgets, stores, and resources available.

Remember first focus on what you are buying and start following the key principles to healthy living, then you can start debating what products to buy organic or not.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have questions or any comments.

Jason Straseske


HT Fitness


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