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3 Deadly Diet Sins

July 31, 2018

We talk a lot about Nutrition and Eating Healthy and that is because without a eating the right foods it is going to be very difficult to live a healthy lifestyle.

The following are the 3 Biggest No No's of eating healthy and if you consume any of the following on a regular basis (more then a time or two per month but best to eliminate completely) you are going to have hard time losing weight and becoming healthy.
1.  Sodas.  If you don't already know... Soda's are not good for you.  They are loaded with refined sugar ​​


and contact other ingredients you do not want to put in your body.  Take a look at how much sugar is the soda in the picture.  That is pretty gross.  But don't be fooled and think that diet soda's are better.   They may take the sugar out but they replace it with chemicals that have been shown to cause more weight gain then the intake of sugar.
2.  Fast Food.  I understand it is convenient and that sometimes you are caught off guard with nothing to eat and fast food seems like the only option, but it is not.  You really need to avoid fast food at all costs.  If I rush out the door and forget my lunch in the fridge I will go to the grocery store like walmart or HEB.  You can get an Amy's organic burrito and organic apple for under $3.  That is way better option then fast food.
3.  Candy.  I will confess I used to eat a lot of candy... but I was 12 year's old.  I am shocked by the


number of people who eat candy like snickers or m&m's everyday.  Candy is ok for special occasions like Halloween and Easter, but that is 2 times per year.  And after halloween you need to throw away all the candy you did not give out or else your going to eat it.  I don't think I need to explain why candy is bad, plus there are millions of different things and recipes you can make to satisfy that sweet tooth without eating candy.  So next time you catch yourself reaching in that candy jar on the desk at work slap your own hand, and throw out any candy you have stashed at your house so you are not tempted.
So how do you measure up?  Are you committing any of the diet sins?  If so, I would URGE you to change your ways and clean up your diet a little bit.  I promise it is worth it and you will feel so much better.
Remember to Take Action & Take Responsibility!  You Can Do It!

 Jason Straseske
 HT Fitness
 p.s. Are you ready to make changes in your life and get fit and healthy once and for all? Schedule a Free No Obligation Consultation visiting and let us help you go to the next level.

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