No other Gym gives you New Fat Burning Workouts Each Week.


The hardest thing for people when going to the gym is knowing what to do.  It can be intimidating with all the different machines, knowing what works what and so on.  Many people get caught in the trap of doing the same routine day in and day out and end up hitting a plateau in their results or get bored very quickly coming to the gym.

Here, at HT Fitness, we post a "Weekly Fitness Challenge" to give you new workout routines, different ideas, and to push and motivate you to do your best.  We will walk you through each daily challenge, show you how to use all the equipment, answer any questions, and of course, give you a new total body workout each day!  Every Monday we post a new series of workouts that are designed by our Certified Personal Trainers.


Here's what people are saying about the Weekly Fitness Challenge.


"I love the daily challenge.  It takes all the pressure out of working out.  You know you are going to get a complete and total workout.  I have lost inches, weight and clothing sizes since joining."  - G.G.

"I love the daily challenge!  It's like having my own personal trainer.  It's always changing so I never get bored.  The challenge is perfect for people like me who want a great workout but don't quite know how to come up with one."  -Ashlea


"I guess the thing that sold me to your gym was the daily challenge.  I love coming in and having a goal already set for me to try!  It also keeps me from getting in a rut doing the same exercises over and over."  - Julie


"One thing that really keeps me motivated is the daily challenge.  Its very helpful to me because I don't feel like I'm doing the same workout every time I come in here.  It also helps give me a better challenge in working out!"  - Lucy

"I love the daily challenge..."  - Kenneth

"I really appreciate the daily challenge, it gives me something to focus on."  - Paul

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