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your journey

to better health

starts here

Every journey begins with a single step, and the journey to changing your health and wellness is no exception.

If you’re ready to get in shape but not sure where to start, our personal training program is for you. This comprehensive, complete transformation program covers every angle of fitness, from exercise to nutrition to supplements. This isn’t just a short-term workout program – you’ll learn healthy habits you can keep for life.


All You Need to do is Commit!

Our comprehensive, 1-on-1 personal training programs are for anyone—man or woman, beginner or advanced—who is ready to work hard, train smart, and achieve their goals. Our certified personal trainers customize a workout plan to fit your abilities and track your progress while helping you get results.


Simple, Solid Training for Everyone

If this is your first time training, it will change your life. If you're a seasoned lifter, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve!

HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial

Ana & Alex

We decided to do personal training because we wanted to have that extra motivation and someone to help us stay consistent. Since PT we have lost inches and gained muscle strength. We’ve also noticed an increase in our energy levels. The whole experience has been amazing!

It has helped our health overall. There is no better way to show love for yourself than by working out!

Honestly, it’s the best choice you can make! Our trainer has pushed us to become better and never stops motivating us along the way. We are humbled by all the support and encouragement we have received!

HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial


I decided to do personal training because I needed someone to hold me accountable. I also need someone to push me harder then I would push myself.

Working out is important to maintain good health and to be able to participate fully in all that life has to offer. Since doing PT I have lost inches and my clothes fit so much better then they did. I'm getting stronger and have more stamina. It’s all great! I feel so much better too. 

You should try personal training because it introduces you to a wide variety of exercises to keep your workout fresh and fun. The trainer makes sure to work your whole body to ensure better results. She makes me realize I am capable of way more then I think I am.

HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial


I’ve been a member of other gyms before and the pressure to get a personal trainer there really annoyed me. At HT Fitness, I never had that pressure. I decided to commit to this on my own. HT gives you so much flexibility on YOUR personal training experience and it’s what I love the most! I recommend you take advantage of the amazing personal training offers they have to try it out. And when deciding whether or not to “commit” think about this being an investment in yourself.

the ht blueprint

to a healthy


1-on-1 Fitness solution to fit your time, lifestyle & budget

free consultation

At no cost to you, an experienced Certified Personal Trainer will sit down with you and find out your goals and map out a plan and course of action to help you achieve them.

private training

The private 1-on-1 training sessions are centered around you and your goals and abilities. Our Certified Personal Trainers will take your goals and put your personal plan in motion.

learn to eat healthy

Eating right and working out go hand-in-hand. Our certified trainers will teach you how to eat right depending on your goals.

we give you the tools needed to get results

HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial


The HT Personal trainers had the knowledge and expertise on weight loss and strength training that I needed to reach my goals. After 2 months of personal training, I can see muscle favorite! Every week I can see a new muscle popping out and I love it! I also feel stronger and my weight-loss was a natural byproduct.

I would tell someone who is thinking about getting a trainer ... If you commit to it, you will see the results. It’s as simple as that. There are no shortcuts. Follow through, stay on target and you can achieve whatever fitness goals you want. You’re literally the only one standing in your way. DO IT!! Also, what’s more important than investing in a healthy relationship with your body?!

HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial


I work a desk job that has me mostly sitting for hours of the day.  After years of doing this I needed someone to help whip me into shape! Aside from obvious health benefits of working out it's a great source of stress relief for me. I have lost quite a few inches, gotten a lot stronger, and have WAY more consistent energy.

I would tell someone who is thinking of personal training You will not regret it!  The trainers have so much knowledge to share and push you to do things you may have not known you were capable of doing.

HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial


I was not happy with the way I was looking and the way my clothes fit. I was working out on my own but was falling into the same routine every day and wasn’t pushing myself like I needed in order to see the results I wanted.

I have lost 10-15lbs and several inches. My clothes are starting to fit better, and I can see my arms and legs starting to tone up as I am building more muscle. I have more endurance and strength. My confidence is starting to go up a little bit each time I find a new shirt that fits less tight, or when I go down in pants size.

Do it! You may need the extra push and not even realize it, or you may be intimidated. DON’T BE! Every trainer I have worked with have all been super helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging.

Identify what is holding you back from achieving your goals and breakthrough the obstacles in your way

Learn the right way to workout to prevent injury, have fun and stay motivated 

Eliminate your fear of lifting weights, bulking up, or using equipment that is foreign to you 

Overcome dieting and the confusion around what to eat, when to eat and how to eat

Become a Supermarket Survivalist - know how to shop, what to buy and how to prepare it at home

Get the unfair advantage of reaching your goals faster by working smarter not harder


HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial


I needed help with motivation and workout education. Someone to help push me when I know I would give up on my own and to come up with the workout routines.

Since starting personal training I have lost weight and inches. I feel so much better and have more energy throughout the day, especially after a good workout. It has definitely helped with my mood and I feel so much stronger then when I started working out. I've had to overcome a lack of motivation and coming to the gym on a daily basis. It’s hard to get in that routine of working out and I didn't even know where to begin. I just needed that extra push from someone encouraging me to come.

Just DO IT!! With a personal trainer you have someone guiding you through your workout and helping you the whole time. You will not regret it!!!!

HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial


I needed someone to hold me accountable and provide motivation! Also very important to me was a personal trainer that would individualize to my specific needs, and show me the proper way and correct techniques in exercising and lifting. I was particularly interested in strength training, muscle toning, coordination, and balance!!!! I have found it all here at HT Fitness!

I have lost weight, gained muscle, and lost flab. I have gained confidence and my energy level has increased tremendously!!

DO IT TODAY!!! You are worth it. Invest in yourself and focus on your health. You will not regret it.

HT Fitness Personal Training Testimonial


I actually started because I won free

sessions in a drawing. I decided to stay because my Personal Trainers have

inspired me to do more and push harder. They add a variety to my workout that I

wouldn't do on my own. My current and past personal trainers have helped me gain knowledge about my strengths and where I can


I have been able to maintain my weight, but the biggest result for me has been in strength. I am able to pull and lift more weight than I ever thought possible when I started. And I continue to see progress. It helps me realize I can be pushed just that much more.

Go for it and get to know yourself a whole lot better– not only physically, but mentally also. Training time is YOUR time, with someone to help you push harder, do more, and get to your best self.

your health is calling

will you answer?

The path to a healthier lifestyle takes action. You cannot wish yourself healthy or take the same path you’ve taken so many times before if you want to achieve your goals. You have the opportunity right now to take action that will radically transform your life by enrolling in our personal training program.


Right now, you have the opportunity to take control of your life and your health. Who will you be 3 months from now? A year from now? Will you still be the same or will you transform into what you’ve always dreamed of? Will you lose the weight, have more energy, feel better, sleep better, and have more confidence?


It’s time to step up to discover a whole new you – enroll in our personal training program and claim your health back!

HT Fitness Personal Training
HT Fitness Personal Training
HT Fitness Personal Training
HT Fitness Personal Training
HT Fitness Personal Training
HT Fitness Personal Training
HT Fitness Personal Training
HT Fitness Personal Training
HT Fitness Personal Training
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