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Manor, TX - Phone: 512-272-9898
14001 NW Shadow Glen Blvd Suite A

Taylor, TX - Phone: 512-352-6860
3100 N Main St Suite 101

Benefits of Working Out are...

  •  Lose Weight and Look your Best
  •  Increase Energy and Stamina to get through the day
  •  Build Sexy Tone Muscle
     Sleep Better and feel more rested when you wake up
  •  Boost Immune System and get sick less often
  •  Boost Confidence and Feel Better about Yourself
  •  Look Younger and Slow Aging
  •  Reduce the Risk of many diseases

    "I encourage you stop by the gym or take immediate action right now and sign up online so you can lose weight, feel better, and regain control of your health and life like so many of our members have.  We have all the tools necessary to help you reach your goals and we will be by your side every step of the way."

    - Jason Straseske owner HT Fitness

Get The Results You Deserve

We help people of all different fitness levels reach their weight-loss and fitness goals.  There are some of you who already know their way around the gym but most of us are confused or don't know exactly what we should be doing when we go to the gym or what it really takes to lose weight or build sexy tone muscles.  

It is our mission to provide you the most up to date, factual, and proven methods for weight-loss and total health and wellness.  We don't simply say "Thanks for joining and good luck with everything" but instead we provide you with Everything you need to get the benefits of working out.

What People Are Saying...

"I Love HT Fitness in Manor!  The people that work there are so friendly and caring.  I love this gym!  Very clean place and I can call this place my second home.  Thank you so much for the great staff you have!" - Andrea

"HT Fitness turned me and my husband from tired and lazy to fitness freaks! So convenient by being open 24-7 and super friendly and helpful staff! :) " - Carmen

"It has everything you need and more.  And that there isn't any pressure.  Pretty relaxing place." - Charles

"The staff is great.  It's never overly crowded, convenient and close to home." - Brandon

"EVERYTHING!  Ya'll are so personal its nice to hear my name everytime I walk in." - Shelbie

"I like the atmosphere and how laid back the staff is.  Memberships are non-yearly.  Daily Challenge is great." - Candice

"It's open 24 Hours, Fit Camp, Awesome Trainers." - Gracie

"The tv in front of my favorite cardio machine, along with HT's friendly and supportive staff.  You guys always take the time to answer my questions." - Mike

"Quality of training, information and true concern for my specific needs.  Plus, cleanliness, quality of equipment, hours availabe, and frankly, convenience." - Eduardo

"The staff is super nice and always smiling. The facility has great equipment and the 24 hour access is awesome. :) " - Stephanie

"The atmosphere is great and it is really never crowded.  The staff is very helpful and always offer advice.  Lots of equipment you never have to wait.  I have lost about 18lbs and my high blood pressure (headaches, dizziness, and fatigue) has gone away.  I was having to go to the doctor every 3 months for check ups and now it is back to yearly.  My tryglecerides have dropped from 190-200 range to about 130." - Roman

"I like that it is 24 hours and i can go in when ever i want." - Monica L.

"Last year I lost 70 pounds by exercising at HT Fitness and eating smaller more frequent meals.  I like the variety and types of cardio equipment." - Kendall

"This summer I have lost 10 pounds by going to HT Fitness and cutting out soda and cutting back calories." - Lynn

"Where do I start? I love how HT Fitness is whipping my butt in shape! I have never been so dedicated and excited about going to the gym and being healthy! Improving my eating habits, drinking more water, running, and committing myself to cardio, HT Fitness group classes, and lifting weights has dramatically improved my sense of being and lifestyle. I am more energized and am not scared of the mirror anymore! After three kids, but with hardwork in the gym, I went from weighing 148 to 131, which is 6 lbs shy of my HS weight. I encourage all of my friends and family to engage in physical fitness, whether it's a walk outside, joining a gym, or running outside with the kiddo(s) or dog(s). Many of my friends and family have complimented my fitness success and ask me to help them reach their personal goals. This is such a great feeling! Thank you to the HT Fitness family for helping me bring my sexy back!"

- Monica A.



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