A Goal Without a Plan is Merely a Wish

Now that you have identified what you want for your health (see Blog Article “Why Do You Want to Live a Healthy Lifestyle?”), you need a PLAN to stick to your goal.

This Goal-Planning TOOL helps you identify steps you can take toward your health goals and consider ways and people who can help you get there. It will help you create strategies to help you progress and identify signs that show you’re making progress. If something isn’t working, don’t give up; use it as an opportunity to try something different.

Note: This isn’t a detailed workout plan or nutrition plan. That will come later. This is a PLAN to help you stick to your goals.

TOOL: Goal-Planning Activity

Give this a try for your fitness goals! I wrote in examples to give you an idea of how it works.

1. The Changes I Want to Make Are (Be Specific):

Example: Lose 15lbs and be a size(?)

2. How Important Are These Changes? (Scale of 1-10)


3. How Confident am I that I Can Make These Changes? (Scale of 1-10)


4. The Most Important Reasons I Want to Make These Changes Are:

Example: My health is failing; I want to feel better; I want to look better

5. The Steps I Plan to Take in Changing Are (Be Specific):